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Awesome day is AWESOME

I just had an awesome day!

Not only did I get to spend most of it trolling through magazines looking for pictures to do my example project with, but a whole SWACK of other awesome things happened.


1. Almost got a parking ticket. This would have sucked, except that my speedy Subway-wrap-gettingskills allowed me to bolt of the campus Subway just as he was writing up my car. Dude was FAST too; I saw him meandering down the hill and thought I had time enough to pop in and grab my lunch before he came to the lot... I was incorrect. Luckily Parking Metre Man was super awesome and let me off since I caught him just in time :). It's not my fault there's no free parking or short term parking metres at the campus Subway!

2. My boss is a writer! COMRADERY!!!!!!! And she loves cats and animals of all sorts. And she is just generally awesome. <3

3. As mentioned above I spent most of the day cutting and pasteing. I love cutting and pasteing. If I could have a job cutting and pasteing my universe may well be complete.

4. I MAY have a mini job opportunity in the Fall. This would be super lovely because I require the moneys to live.

5. Whilst wandering in what I THOUGHT was a Chinese trinkets import store I found the MOTHER LOAD of Japanese (and Korean and Chinese) foodstuff. I nearly started to cry. As it was I was buzzing around the store loading up on azuki daifuku mochi, kakupi, soba and soba sauce, proper "iced" tea (Mmm Oi Ocha is love), kimchi, yummy sweet/salty biscuit cracker thingies that I love by can never remember the name of, and edamame. I spent $50.00 but the tears of joy as I stuffed my face with kakupi was payment enough. <3 <3 <3

6. Mini *squee*

7. Watched more of "Pushing Daisies". I heart that show so fucking hard it sort of hurts. It's another one of those bad boys that I can watch repeatedly - and often - and love it as much as I did the first time. If you haven't seen it I recommend it. The Narrator is a bit grating for some - but if you enjoyed "Nanny McPhee" or "Lemony Snicket" then I'm sure you'll enjoy "Pushing Daisies"... if not love it ;)
*mutters angrily about ABC's poor chose in cancelation policies* RIP "Ugly Betty" and "Pushing Daisies" *cough*KILLDESPERATEHOUSEWIVES*coughcough*

8. Had a fabulous Japanese dinner - alongside my Mommy's delicious salmon and raisin-rice-madealy leftovers. Chocolate icecream, mochi, and Blueberry Buckel for dessert :D

9. All this awesome-ness was not dependant on caffeine consumption either! Well... unless a Chai Tea Latte has a lot of caffeine in it... which I don't think it does... at least not compared to coffee or espresso. *shifty eyes*

And in a bit I get to wander around the waterfont with Des and friends. YAY TO BEING SOCIAL!!!!!!!!!! And yay to the super awesome park there!

Righteo speaking of which I should proably get ready for that little adventure. Oh bloody hell now #10 has appeared on my playlist!

*boogies while singing very loudly and obnoxiously*

With all my might I try, but this I can't deny. Deny...
I play it off but I'm dreaming of you
And I'll keep my cool but I'm feeling
I try to say goodbye and I choke
Try to walk away and I stumble
Though I try to hide it it's clear
My world crumbles when you're not near


Job hunting... it is le suck

So I've been belatedly attempting to find a job for the past... well, long while now... and man is it irritating. It's not that the economy has taken a TOTAL dump on the job market here, but the trick is finding one that isn't completely frustrating and/or demeaning. Though it's quickly approaching the point where I'm just not going to care any more.

There are times *cough*mostdays*coughcough* why I wonder exactly why I left Japan and my nice steady job ;) Especially considering that the amount of stress I've been under here schooling and job hunting has left me with exactly NO creative inspiration to write (which is why I came home in the first place)... though I do have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to write. Blayarg!!!!!!.

Ah well, chip up. I DID have an awesome two semesters back at 'er in uni... which is always pretty awesome. And gods help me I WILL get into writing classes BOTH semesters next go round.

Off topic: I fell in a rocky creek twice the other day. That was awesome. Now my bottom is bruised black. It was pretty funny too - especially since my buddy Mike caught the whole thing on camera... damn him!
Oh, and also parks at night are awesome. Maybe that could be a job - playing on parks... that would be such a sweet job.

Myarg, back to resume/cover letter writing... and eventually dropping off... that is if my reference ever gets back to me with his work info *grumble grumble*. But ooh in September I'm totally rocking out one of the copy-editor positions at my uni's paper! Woot! Too bad it's in September and not now though. Sigh.

And to finish off one of my rare entries (though I read LJ comms every day because I'm just that cool) with a Glee quote:

"I pretty sure my cat's been reading my diary." ~ Brittany

Go Gordie Go!

Ok, so this isn't a popular sentiment, and who am I kidding, as if I ever thought I'd live to see the day when I thought Gordon Campbell was wicked awesome (if only for a moment in time) but he sort of is... at least his energy is during the Olympics.

I mean come on, waving that flag like a mad man and grinning all the time? Oh Canadian politicians - politics aside - how I heart thee.

Gordon Campbell 2010


image taken from: www.canada.com/health/will+light+Vancouver+Olympic+flame/2225921/story.html

Gordon held aloft by Olympians.

Photograph by: Debra Brash, Times Colonist

image taken from: www.canada.com/Photo+gallery+Torch+Relay/2165129/story.html

Oh curses I can't find any of the flag waving ones... but trust me, when re-watching the Opening Ceremonies look to the Heads of State box... he's dancing about waving the flag like a maniac. Keeping in mind the rest of the Heads of State are all standing around all "serious" like.

A little reenactment of me watching the Opening Ceremonies....

Me: *squinting at the computer screen* Who the hell is running around waving the flag like that in the Heads of State box....?  Right. That would be Campbell..... Is he...? Yes... he's dancing.

I was never prouder to be Canadian. Ba ha ha ha ha!

Reuters Pictures
image taken from: www.daylife.com/photo/09Zx73K8BV6Qb


Ok, so apparently procrastinating makes me write in my LJ. Or in general.

Right, oh well, I'll roll with it.

Anyhoo, made a discovery (for the fiftieth time) today (I'm a slow learner). Apparently I cannot write during the sunlight hours. Dark and quiet are the only way for me to go.

I'm pondering lighting a bunch of candles, rocking out in my pjs, and drinking coffee until I shake... then again perhaps coffee after pasta wasn't one of the brightest ideas I've ever had.

Oh well. Onward.

Grande Chai Tea Latte

Had a bit of a full on scare today when after I ordered my drink at Starbucks I could not find my wallet. The barista however was a total gem and despite my penniless panic said that the drink was on the house :D 

I however was in such a bloody mind-fuck panic  trying to figure out where the hell I may have left my wallet (the floor in the backseat of the car as it turns out) that I don't think I thanked her nearly as profusely enough as I wanted to.

I think tomorrow I shall bring them chocolates.

Also bacon is delicous.

That is not so random as it may first appear considering I began my day fighting Pike off of the bacon and pancakes Knoraaaah and I made from Brunch That Was Really More Like Lunch. Sad thing is if the kitty weren't so pushy trying to get on the table he may have got ten some. Tsk tsk Pikey. Tsk tsk.


Well, I tried meditating today, and it seems as though I require some more practice at it. Not only was my neck apparently deciding to click as though I was in possession of some sort of freak mutation everytime I took a breath (I know WHAT THE SWEET F*$K eh!?) but my body also got sore after about five minutes sitting "properly".

Perhaps I should invest in some excersise.  And a masage. Mmm masage.

On the upside, despite the somewhat failed attempt at meditating - I did feel good enough not to have to take a nap and or drink coffee.

Maybe meditating DOES have its benefits.

Time for one last entry

Well there's about 6.5 hours left in 2009 and I figure I probably should update this thing at least ONE more time before school starts to distract me once again.

School is going pretty darn good. I'm a little miffed that I probably won't have as many writing classes next semester - though I'll find out on my birthday in 5 days..... but heck, History classes should be interesting.  Though at least the History classes will give me good writing fodder.

I've been home for the holidays, which has been really nice... though I'm fairly certain I've gained like 5 pounds. Damn delicious perogies!
It's been hard to write here though... despite me having like 3 weeks of relaxation. Apparently I work the best under pressure.

New Years resolution: write even when NOT under pressure.

That being said, I did get a wicked story idea... that I have yet to develop. Well, it's quasi fantasy, so maybe I'll develop it for Genre Fiction... that is if I get INTO genre fiction.

New Years is going to be relatively lame for me this year... though really how can you top Combini Crawling in Nagoya last year? That was bloody epic. It's sort of nice though having a bit of down time... and being fed. Home cooking is so damn awesome.

My neck hurts. Hmm. I think I need a massage.

Right. Perhaps I'll disconnect from the net now and get some actual writing done....... my excuse is that where my lappy is at my parents house is "uncomfortable for writing".

2nd New Years Resolution: Stop making stupid excuses.... oh, and JOB HUNT. *shudder*

Happy New Year!
Well in an effort to write a little more and avoid Sims 2 and or Chibi Robo (a game which I despise, yet am strangely attracted to) in my down time, I've decided to attempt to restart actually WRITING in my lj.

Hmm, alright, so what is new and exciting in Canland? Not, a, hell of a lot.

I've returned to Uni to pursue an "insane" degree in Creative Writing. Lately I've taken to throwing caution to the wind. I mean it worked for me going to Japan. So now, that's my philosophy - just do whatever strikes me.

Drives my mom NUTS.

Not that that is the goal of course, but it IS a pleasant side effect.

There are buggies in my house and this bugs me. They look like roaches, or beetles, or something... and apparently CAN'T be roaches as roaches are not native to this climate. Whatever they are, they gross me the crap out.

Living in "Seven Potatoes" has been pretty good so far. Still need to recreate a social network (probably the suckiest thing I lost via leaving Japan that is after the loss of karaoke and umeshu :( booooo). There are a lot of... malls, here. And ocean, which is pretty. Just, blah, it would be cool to have someone to explore with. Or at least a tour guide. I've been to this damn city a billion times, but don't know where the HELL anything is! That, and there's nothing... to DO here. Well, that is if you discount drinking one's self silly, partying in the bush or traveling over to Vancouver. There's no... pizazz. I mean there's trees, and rocks, and water... and hippies, and some more trees... but really, it's effing boring. And that's probably social-circleless me talking, but still.

On Sunday I WAS social, and took me and my meagre self over to Vancouver for the Word on the Street festival. Met up with my pal Chris there and had a blast lookin' at books and chatting about worldly stuff. Had a flash of genius at the Korean restaurant when I couldn't figure out what "Stone Hot Pot with rice, egg, meat, and spicey sauce" was.... totally read the katakana - bibimba for the win!

I try not to think of Japan too much because it just breaks my heart.... but of course I do think about it all the time. I really, really loved it there. Nagoya - haters be damned - was an awesome city to live in. There was so much energy there! I want to go back, but next time with more money and a better handle on Japanese so I can truly settle down.

Also, with a book deal so I can finish my best-selling novel in Starbucks. Ha!

Damn, I wish there was a way to have the family, friends, food and clothes of home with the experience of being in Japan. I guess that's just wishful thinking.

Right, enough whining. What other adventures have I had this summer? Many scatch-and-win bingo cards, walks, photos of stuffed animals doing strange things, lazy afternoons in the lake, random bouts of insane joy, many MANY toilets, a bear, more toilets and lots of linen. Pretty good all in all.

And now, off to some more homework. Or playing on my DS... no, no it will be homework. Ooo! Or working on the comic! Yes, I should figure that out... or job hunting or... damn it...

Umbrella cleptomania

In this country you can leave a four hundred dollar camera sitting on a cafe table all day long and it will not, I repeat NOT, be touched.
An umbrella on a rainy day on the other hand...

Well yesterday I decided to 'test fate' by leaving my umbrella up in its stand while I was at Starbucks... was not touched - and I was touched by humanity.

Then I moved on to Tokyu Hands (a half a block away) for a brief shop it WAS stolen. They even took the time to unscrew the umbrella holder... douche bags...Damn it all. Luckily I found a bigger better one laying on the sidewalk - so swiped THAT! Ha! Karma! And MY cheapo umbrella was full of holes due to me stuffing it into the back of my bike.

However once I got home and parked my bike  - with the umbrella "safely" stored in the back of my bike... or so I thought... it was stolen again the next morning! CURSES!

I know it's minor, but it's so damn infuriating! I mean CLEARLY if it's raining and an umbrella is ON SOMEONES GODSDAMNED BIKE then it belongs to THEM and THEY are using it! YARG! Assholes.

O well. At least it was cheap. And full of holes.

I hope you fall in a puddle. *grumble*

Crafty kid

The innocent and very literal genius of children never cease to amaze me. One particular 5 year old student (who shall remain unamed) is the by far the head of the class in this department. When asked to: "Touch white circle" he grabs at my boobs... Note: I was wearing a white shirt that day.

Points for circles. NEGATIVE points for grabbing sensei's anatomy.

More recently when learning about farmyard animals - in particular the udders on a cow - he proceeds to try and "milk" me. Thank the gods I had the book in front of my chest. Then, failing that tactic (after I gently but FIRMLY told him: NO) he then went on to milk his own 'breasts' .

Sigh. Children.

......But I've gotta say; in both instances his leap at logic was correct - he was simply lacking in necessary social forms...

Ah cross-cultural social forms lessons... as if teaching "What do you wear in January?" isn't difficult enough.